Our Story

Our Story

In 2018, our CEO Veydon Clooney discovered a problem—buying office furniture sucks.

    After furnishing dozens of offices for a commercial real estate startup, Clooney realized the average office furniture company falls into one of two categories: high quality, but expensive and slow, or affordable and fast but lacking in quality and service. There wasn’t a great option for companies that wanted to furnish an inspiring office without taking forever or breaking the bank.


    When it comes to high-end office furniture, the issue is middlemen. Buying from furniture dealers means navigating dozens of options, unclear pricing, and markups up to 50%. As your team grows, your space plan and furniture don't adapt your furniture, your problem.


    That’s why we founded Nicoloi: to make it easy for teams of all sizes to create an office you love. We sell direct, so our collection costs half as much as premium furniture of comparable quality. And we provide end-to-end service: space planning, delivery, white-glove installation, even the ability to trade in used furniture when you move or grow.


Office Furniture That Works

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Our Team

Nicoloi’s success is a direct result of the team involved in every aspect of our business. We proudly employ a crew of incredibly skilled craftspeople and staff to sell, design, and execute our products. We’re picky about our people just like we’re picky about our products: Each member is here based on his or her skill, positive vibe, creative background, and aesthetic. We all share a love for high-quality, honest design. We also work closely with local manufacturers and suppliers who share our appreciation for the creation of simple, quality-built goods.

Marsel Kurti

CEO/ Owner

    Throughout his 30 plus years in the office furniture industry, Clooney has been passionate about furnishing and creating comfortable, healthy, and dynamic offices.



Isabelle Isa

 Senior Designer + Sales Executive

    Senior Designer and Sales Executive, Susan da Fonseca, has worked with Obligingco for over 2 years. Susan relocated to LA in late 2019 to open our West Coast office. 


Lawrence Anna

Interior Designer

    Janoff brings a fresh design-focused perspective to our company. She is proficient in AutoCAD, Sketchup, and Revit, and is an expert in our commercial design and specification software. Janoff holds an MFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute.

Ian Barry - Director of Operations

Kinsella Tony

Director of Operations

    As Director of Operations, Ian’s primary role is managing the post-sales experience for clients. From the moment a client places an order, Ian works to ensure that our team can deliver on the Nicoloi promise.


Our Furniture

Nicoloi furniture is modern, durable, and backed by a ten-year warranty. From desks and ergonomic chairs, lounge furniture and accessories, we sell one product in every category and it's built to outlast your lease.


Our Production Workshop